Fortis combi plant growth stimulator, for 3L mix

Biostimulator for plants

A combined nitrogen-based organic fertilizer is a perfect choice for florists and gardeners. Fortis combi plant growth stimulator, for 3L water mix, will easily demonstrate the performance of organic fertilizer. You simply need to open the package and dilute the mixture in 3 liters of water. You may use any convenient container for mixing.

There is no need in mixing all the fertilizer from plastic container with water; divide the substance into even portions for a prolonged use of the stimulator within several stages. Store dry mixture in closed container; storage time and place have no limitations.

Plant growth stimulator has versatile applications. Plant treatment may be performed in various ways: on roots, stalks, or leaves. Storage time of the water mix of the fertilizer mixed is definitely not a problem. Keeping it in a cool dark place would ensure saving mix’ properties within 6 months.

Use spray tool for application of the fertilizer on stalks and leaves. Garden tools are available in any dedicated shop. Either way, you can improvise a spray tool yourself by combining a spray tool from a glass cleaner bottle and an empty plastic bottle from soda. This would be a ready-to-use tool for the application of Fortis combi growth stimulator on plants.