The use of nitrogen fertilizers is a good choice for agrarians who want to harvest a heavy crop on a fertile Ukrainian soil. Using a sunflower growth stimulator is a good practice as well. In terms of technical cultures, many agrarians may claim effective result after application of the stimulator.


Sunflower growth stimulator


The increase of oil content in seeds and reduction of bacterial harm for the plants are the main tasks for agrarians. Maturation period must be considered as well: it is often that even 5-7 days determine the outcome for sunflower that grows on the great fields under the hot summer sun.


Sunflower growth stimulator


Oil plants are rather profitable for Ukrainian agriculture. That is why the agrarians spare no expenses and try to achieve the best increase of productivity. Land renters prefer mineral fertilizers, whereas the owners choose organics attempting to save soil’s fertility.


Sunflower growth stimulator


Sunflower growth stimulator is applied in 4 steps:

  • mandatory seed treatment;
  • spraying of the first seedlings;
  • application on sprouts during the emergence of 4 leaves;
  • final spraying of leaves during the head growth.


Sunflower growth stimulator



Seed treatment using seed dressers before planting 1.5 g of Fortis Combi/10 L of water; 10 L of the solution per 1 ton of seeds

– increase of germination capacity to up to 15%

– activation of development at the beginning of vegetation, root development stimulation

First spraying: during the germination

10 g of Fortis Combi/100 L of water/1 ha


Second spraying: when 3-4 leaves have emerged

5 g of Fortis Combi/100 L of water/1 ha


Increase of:

– crop yield by 3-12%
– oil content up to 1.5%

– maturation by 3-5 days

Third spraying: in 15 days after the previous spraying

5 g of Fortis Combi/100 L of water/1 ha


Biostimulator: purposes


The increase of the yield is the main but not the only criterion for agrarians. The use of organics increases the productivity by 10-15%. Utilization of mineral fertilizers promises a maximum of 25% yield enhancement. The choice is up to the farmer: whether to harvest the crop without damaging the soil or get “the cream of the crop” within one season by killing the black earth.

The enhancement of root formation, which is claimed by the sunflower growth stimulator, will help the plant survive on Ukrainian steppe. Drought and frosts are off the table since the biostimulant will protect the plant from any unfavorable climatic conditions. The elimination of bacteria will contribute to the immune system of sunflower.


Sunflower growth stimulator


Some sellers of biostimulants persuade that the offered chemical will enhance photosynthesis by improving leaf surface. It must be noted that any nitrogen-based organic fertilizer augments the photosynthesis. Such claims are just a marketing trick.

It is better to pay more attention to the treatment of sunflower’s leaves and stalks, which is performed in at least 3 steps. The purpose of the biostimulator is to boost growth of vegetative part of the culture, and, particularly, increase the diameter of the head and mass of the seeds.