How to properly replant the orchid: step-by-step

Orchid is a fastidious flower which is not easy to grow indoors. Although the beginner grower can achieve stalk and root growth, it doesn’t mean that one will see the flower. This plant requires a good tending and replanting. The abundance of roots simply pushes the flower out of the pot. The experts will tell the reader how to properly replant the orchid.


How to properly replant the orchid


The replanting of the flower is required when rootstock “pops out” of the pot. When orchid is watered with tap water or when feeding is used, the soil gets deteriorated. In such cases, the flower is replanted along with humus replacement.


How to properly replant the orchid


Soil is required for this operation. Multipurpose mix may be used at the lowest budget. However, experts recommend buying a prepared mix for orchids which consists of humus, pine bark, and moss. Those manufacturers which pack the mixes into small packages are preferable. The reason is simple: pine bark and moss must be wetted in water prior the application.


How to properly replant the orchid


Activated carbon will also be useful to replant the flower, but is not required, however. Growers use charcoal to heal plant wounds after cutting the rootstock. Scissors, clippers, or knife may be used for that; the choice is up to the grower. All of these are applicable on orchid.


Step-by-step instructions

  1. Pine bark and moss along with the soil purchased in the store are poured from a package into the bucket with water. Wetting takes 12 hours. Growers suggest performing the procedure in advance and allow the mix to sour in water overnight. It is not necessary to wet the humus.
  2. The flower is carefully ejected from the pot. Rootstock is cleaned from the old soil. It’s not necessary to cut yellow roots; yellowness is not a signal of the illness. However, rotten roots should be cut till hard tissue. Sections after cutting are treated with a milled activated carbon.
  3. A clear plant is put back into a clean pot. Rootstock is strewed with pine bark and moss. Flower grower must firmly fix the orchid in the pot. Humus is strewed onto the soil. One shouldn’t pack the soil since it will break soft roots of the flower. Then, the plant is watered. When the soil is settled, the pot is filled with humus till the top.


How to properly replant the orchid


After the replanting, one should avoid putting the orchid in direct sunlight and feeding it with fertilizer. The plant should adjust to a new soil. Fertilizer may be applied on stalks and rootstock only in a week.


How to properly replant the orchid


By diving into how to properly replant the orchid, experts say that feeding is allowed only if a grower uses a complex organic fertilizer. But this refers only to the safe nitrogen-based compositions. The manufacturers of such fertilizers specify that the feeding may be used after the replanting.


Preparation, attention, and adherence to the step-by-step instructions will help the beginner replace the soil for any type of orchids.


Soil replacement takes 10 minutes per one pot with the flower. That said, the conclusion is obvious – it is easy to replant the orchid. If you want to know more, subscribe to the Fortis-combi team pages and channels in social networks. Our project is young, but it has already managed to approve the productivity of the fertilizer on crop fields and in florists’ greenhouses in Ukraine. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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